The Lion ISN'T Sleeping (Tonight)

"Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." (1 Peter 5:8) Peter was speaking to Christians. You can lose what you had. What was saved can be lost. Vigilance is good... even better, radical dependency on God... we need Him every moment.

This exhortation is not a warm, fuzzy, happy thought... but anyone who fails to recognize (this) truth lives in ignorance, and remains even more vulnerable. One can pretend the lump near their lymph gland will go away, but guess what... beyond the feeling may be a truth. You need to go to the Doctor.

On the moral landscape (equally applicable as the medical example!), my wife and I have been leading Pre-Cana (marriage prep) retreats for years... literally hundreds of couples, not one would say they expect to get divorced, yet statistics reveal 50% will. There are common characteristics of those who do. Many want it "their" way-- with a Christian appearance... for a day.

Experience proves time and again-- beyond our subjective ideas and opinions.... there is a "law", a contour of how God designed us (like the lump on the lymph gland): You can't really break the "law," only ourselves against the "law." It begins in small, "benign" ways... admission of ideas that are contrary to God's plan....

The greatest tragedy is that this truth has been reduced to cliche, cold dogma, empty rules... versus a living, joy-filled, relationship that is authentic... in which we are all working it out... often amidst the mess of others and ourselves.

Don't turn away from Him because of your/others' mess... He made us weak so that we'll seek. Without our radical need there would be no basis to call Him "Lord." If we weren't in trouble, there would be no need to call upon Him as "Savior."

He fashioned us for Himself... He loves you. Call upon Him.