In Our Capacity to Love We Image the Trinity.

What IT's all about.

Friendship is the desire of every human heart- to be in meaningful communion with others, beyond obligation.  The Holy Spirit abides in families drawn together in friendship. Such friendship is anchored in God who is Himself a Communion of Persons, the very definition of LOVE - as each Person constantly pours Himself out for the other.  This is what IT’s all about: Image Trinity.  In Him we discover who we are, what we are to do, and are flooded with supernatural grace to be IT.

What does IT looks like?
  An entire community being transformed in Love.

Dynamic retreats and events. Engaging television and radio programs showcasing families Living IT. Dynamic resources. Integration through web and social media. Dynamic integration and partnership with Eucharistic communities.

When families discover their identity, they get IT more and more, and become a vital basis for extending IT to other families in need.  Imagine-- PreCana, Marriage Encounter and other programs not being an end, but an initiation into a vital community-  one grounded in friendship, and fully integrated into local parishes, but accepting that vitality comes from the “living it out” beyond church walls... leaven in the world.

This vision is already happening.  We are a growing network of families united in friendship and committed to a common vision and mission... a desire to be more deeply formed by our Image of the Trinity, and to live out the implications of that identity.

We are a light on a hill.

Under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Pope Saint John Paul II, we will build a large family retreat as a warm, welcoming, prayer-filled environment for vital family-transformation in our own area, and as a spring board to the rest of the country... including publications, radio, television, resources, programs and conferences.  If you are called to help us make this vision a reality, please shoot us an email. Above all, please join us in prayer and work that we all might more fully Image the Trinity.

Become what you are, and the world will know God who IS Love!

Stay tuned. Get on board HERE!

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
(814) 449-8808

GETTING THE HELL OUT [Parents Against Porn]

Dear Parents & Families United in Jesus Christ, 

We are parents. Our six children range in age from 17 to 10. Whatever else we do in life, our ultimate measure of success is whether or not they make it to heaven. Nothing is more important. 

There's no greater assault today on a soul's eternal destiny than anonymous access to pornography[REFERENCE: ALL STATS]

  • 95% of all teens are on-line.
  • 78% own a smartphone.
  • 93% of boys and 63% of girls view porn before age 18. 
  • Age 11: The average age one views porn. 
  • Ages 12-17: Largest consumer group of porn. 
The impact on marriages, families and society is devastating.
  • 68% of divorce cases involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.
  • Those who have ever committed adultery are 218% more likely to look at porn.  
Here's the hard truth: If you don't have filtering or monitoring on your kids' (spouse's) devices, you're playing games with their souls. We all know way too many good people whose lives, marriages and families have been shattered by porn. We're naive if we think somehow our families are less susceptible. 

Being convicted isn't enough. We've got to do something, and there's something we can do. 

If you find another service, great. Please let us know. Otherwise, we've been researching various services for years. Our experience with Covenant Eyes filtering and reporting software (on computers and devices) has been second to none.

Yes, there is a price, but a price we can't afford NOT to pay knowing our children are safe from seductive, addictive and destructive content. Join our family in protecting our families. 

Check it out. CLICK HERE

We can be difference makers. Get on board. Spread the word. 

Parents and Families United in Jesus Christ, 

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter 
Image Trinity [MassImpact.US]

AWESOME SEX [Designed by God]

It's beyond tragic so many people, so much of culture... reduces sex to a personal amUSEment park. Commitment terms,...
Posted by Gregory Schlueter on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"The Great Treasure of the Little Flower" (Fr. Dave Nuss)

In this three-part series Fr. Dave Nuss (pastor of Little Flower Parish in Toledo, Ohio) invites us to receive the great treasure of the Little Flower. Become a saint!

PART I: St. Thérèse, Saint for Troubled Times

PART II: St. Thérèse and Suffering, the Way of Love

PART II: St. Thérèse and Humility, the Way of the Child (SOON)


A Lenten Challenge: "Just Live It" (Fr. Larry Richards)

With humor and conviction Fr. Larry Richards challenges us to take Lent seriously, to fix our eyes on becoming saints. LISTEN NOW!

Image Trinity is a movement of Catholic families inviting all to journey in the great adventure of our identity (Image Trinity) and mission: Live IT!

IGNITE RADIO LIVE: Marriage Series

Part I. Men: A Call to Arms

Men are called to be spiritual leaders in the mission of Jesus Christ (Eph. 5). 
The statistical / sociological portrait validates the spiritual truth of a man's irreplaceable role. This impactful program challenges and inspires men. A number of men called in expressing their love for their wives and children.

Listen. Share. IGNITE the Planet.

A Couple, A Dog and A Dinner [This Lent, Rediscover Love]


RediscoverLoveThough my wife and I both grew up with dogs, we do not have dogs. There are a number of reasons, not the least of which is that some of in our family have allergies. But this did not keep us from hosting a dear, elderly couple for dinner last week, their little “Sparky” in tow.
Love does this. God is love (1 Jn. 4:8).
The invitation to Love is always accompanied by an invitation to exchange what is lesser for what is Greater.
Specifically, on this night, Love was allowing Sparky to explore every part of the house, knowing the “blessing” to us (and the Benadryl company) would remain long after he was gone… because of the joy it brought our friends.
Love was in the tremendous blessing of them sharing their growing-up stories, captivating our children at the dinner table long after dinner was done.
Love was in a little, friendly trash-talking with the Mr. during a Cribbage game, because sometimes Love comes in that language.
Love was in my smirk, watching Sparky lap up some of the Mr.’s Wild Turkey Honey… and his nap, and our laughter, that followed.
Love was in our joint family prayer… hearts united in Him through praise and worship, reflecting on a Psalm and our children’s “prayers from the heart” which specifically included expression of appreciation and blessing for the couple.
Love was in little hands lifted in praying over the Mrs. for healing from her recent accident; love was in her tears (ok, and mine) and her head rested on my wife’s shoulder.
Love was in our children accompanying them, even arm in arm, as they made their way to their car later than any of us expected, but not nearly late enough.
Love is me wishing you could have been there. I wish you could have seen it. It was beautiful. We can’t wait for them to come back, Sparky and all.
The Turn
I’m certain you have had rich encounters like this, the kind that captivate you, leave you different, merit your commitment. I know you would readily and easily speak of these glowingly to others, would readily invite others into the experience – saying “I wish you could have been there.”
So consider: how does this correspond to the way we talk to others about Mass? Prayer? Spiritual commitments? Do we readily and easily speak of these to others? So much that we might invite them?
I’m guessing, for most of us, the answer is “no.” But therein is the opportunity for the Church’s constant refrain of “Encounter Jesus Christ! Evangelize!” to hit us – and not like a deer in the headlights. Not just as some deed we “ought” to do.
Let’s get below that “suppose to” layer. Privately we are beleaguered by religion. We’re good soldiers, but perhaps we wonder: Where’s the life? Where’s all the dynamism of a real, engaging, life-transforming, interactive relationship?
This questioning could be a really great thing right now. It’s an honest, good space where God can meet us. We should be encouraged by the truth that if we haven’t really encountered Jesus Christ, we won’t evangelize; but if we really encounter Jesus Christ, everything we do will be evangelization.
There’s something to genuinely anticipate here. If committed prayer is not your daily priority, if you’re not enthusiastically sharing the story and inviting others — God’s conquering love awaits you. Right now, perhaps.
This Lent: Rediscover Love (Join us).
Lent is not about something as trite as simply giving up sweets. Lent is an invitation from the Heart of God to more deeply find ourselves in Love, in Jesus Christ. This is time for the Great Exchange: giving up lesser things for the Greater.
God is inviting you and me to “Rediscover Love” and then, to make Him known. This seven week, Lenten journey begins the week of February 16 and ends on Easter. Take the 60/7 challenge. As a family (or peer group), commit (schedule) 60 minutes a week for seven weeks.
What do you have to gain?
Right now schedule just 10 minutes with your family or group of friends. Have each member complete the simple, one-page Live IT 60/7 Inventory. It asks members to measure seven important areas revealing the state of God alive in your relationships.
Then download and print out the Live IT Gathering Guide. Schedule your weekly gathering over the subsequent seven weeks (Page 2). Commit! God’s grace will follow. If you are faithful, God will come more fully alive in your relationships. This will be demonstrated when you take the Live IT 60/7 Inventory again at the end.
Register Now. This enriching Lenten resource is free (please pray for our benefactors). But to maximize your experience, and partner with us in this movement, we ask you to plug in here:  Thank you!
Greg Schlueter is an award-winning Catholic film producer, writer, speaker and movement leader. He is President / CEO of Image Trinity, a Catholic, non-profit organization committed to families living their identity and mission (, and it's ecclesial outreach, Mass Impact, which is committed to parishes becoming dynamic communities of missionary disciples ( Greg lives with his wife and six children in Toledo, Ohio