30/3 Family Challenge

30/3 Family Challenge

Our schedules reveal what's important to us. What does your schedule say about what's important to you? All of us fall short. Our schedules often reveal us to place sports and other obligations far above meaningful family conversation and prayer. Many of our homes are planets spinning out of orbit because they've lost their center of gravity. They are without the Son.

We can point fingers at the many challenges in this culture, but real renewal has to begin with us. We desire to "become what we are," to more fully discover and radiate the love of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ renewing our families is the heart of the 30/3 Family Challenge. We invite you to "simply" schedule three times a week, for 30 days, a time to talk and pray (based upon subsequent Sunday's readings). We believe this gathered family time will be richly graced. It will ignite the God-alive-in-family "spark" that will make you want to make this your family's scheduled foundation.

As many of us are embracing this adventure and reporting great blessing, we need you to be an encouragement. We need your witness.  Swords sharpen swords. We encourage you to give it a chance. Lead your family keeping "first things first." Reclaim your family foundation. It will have more deep and lasting returns than anything else you will ever schedule. You don't need to follow it exactly. Make it your own. And know what great grace flows when we're united this way in prayer and mission.

Heaven begins here. May God abundantly bless you and your family on this day.
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Mouse over the video player for Greg and Stephanie's introduction, Aaron Pfoutz's story or Fr. Steve's Schreiber's preaching on the Emmaus story.

"Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light." Ephesians 5:14

Last night nearly 400 people came from all over the region... united by one desire: to know Jesus Christ more deeply.  Many were deeply moved. Through it all the Holy Spirit was powerfully present through Aaron Pfoutz's powerful story, Fr. Steve Schreiber's great call to recognize Jesus... and mostly, people bringing their candles and adoring Jesus Christ in worship (video clips to come).

The stories of M2W continue to pour in.  A woman shared that for the first time in 20 years of marriage she prayed with her husband. Many young people spoke of their enthusiasm in bringing their friends next time.  A faith-filled elderly person said this was the most powerful prayer event of his life. Many described it as a banquet of God's grace.

It's not enough to know about God. He is real. He wants our hearts. He wants to reveal Himself to us. The quote to the left by Pope Benedict says it all. When we encounter Jesus Christ, our lives are forever changed. 

We invite all to continue journeying with us beyond the event. We schedule things that are important to us in life.  Do this... and we promise it will positively change your life: download the fun and engaging LivingIT Family Gathering Guide. Take the 30/3 Family Challenge. Even if you can't schedule three times a week, commit to just once! We know after that one time you'll want to do it more!

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Blessings and peace in Him,

The Made2Worship Team