GETTING THE HELL OUT [Parents Against Porn]

Dear Parents and Spouses, 

We are parents. Our six children range in age from 17 to 10. Whatever else we do in life, our ultimate measure of success is whether or not they make it to heaven. Nothing is more important. 

There's no greater assault today on a soul's eternal destiny than anonymous access to pornography[REFERENCE: ALL STATS]

  • 95% of all teens are on-line.
  • 78% own a smartphone.
  • 93% of boys and 63% of girls view porn before age 18. 
  • Age 11: The average age one views porn. 
  • Ages 12-17: Largest consumer group of porn. 
The impact on marriages, families and society is devastating.
  • 68% of divorce cases involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.
  • Those who have ever committed adultery are 218% more likely to look at porn.  
Here's the hard truth: If you don't have filtering or monitoring on your kids' (spouse's) devices, you're playing games with their souls. We all know way too many good people whose lives, marriages and families have been shattered by porn. We're naive if we think somehow our families are less susceptible. 

Being convicted isn't enough. We've got to do something, and there's something we can do. 

If you find another service, great. Please let us know. Otherwise, we've been researching various services for years. Our experience with Covenant Eyes filtering and reporting software (on computers and devices) has been second to none.

Yes, there is a price, but a price we can't afford NOT to pay knowing our children are safe from seductive, addictive and destructive content. Join our family in protecting our families. 

Check it out. CLICK HERE

We can be difference makers. Get on board. Spread the word. 

Parents and Families United in Jesus Christ, 

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter 
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