Are you UP with Love?

REFLECTION - Are You UP with Love?: By Greg Schlueter

Why does this clip touch so many hearts, across denominational, ethnic, gender (etc.) lines? Perhaps it demonstrates something deeply embedded in human nature, something we all share.  We share a belief in self-giving, committed love... something that can not be seen, or empirically reduced, but we know is real.  We know it's the deepest desire of the human heart.

We experience it not so much as something we create, or invent, as something, or Someone, we participate in.  It's personal. It's intimate. It's all-consuming. In (God who is) Love we find our incompleteness completed. In Love we find a great, big horizon beyond what the eye can see.  In Love we discover and embrace possibilities that, to a scientific world, simply do not make sense... and more often than not, do not make cents.

And here, in less than five minutes, the journey, our journey... those whom we love, flashes before our eyes.  It should make us step back and ask, what's really important? What are we living for?  In the end, what will we celebrate, or regret? How important will the things be that are so troubling us today? I don't think it will be the promotion we did not get, or the thing we did not buy. I think it will be the love we did not give, or receive. And the best part of this story is this: the portrait at the end... you are painting it right now.

There are no presents that can surpass the gift of your presence. Give abundantly today.
We all fall short. That's where we need a Savior... where He enters. Let's be in prayerful communion with one another in striving for it.

Please join us for our next Catholic Men's and Women's Gathering.

God bless you this day.

Greg Schlueter