Our Big Announcement: Set the World on Fire!

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Curtis Martin (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) concluded a recent letter with the exhortation, "Set the World on Fire!!"

Keeping it real, personal, simple-- I've been humbled, broken, journeyed enough to recognize that He truly is the answer to the deepest aspirations of the human person. Along with Curtis and a multitude of others throughout the planet-- I have sensed that we are on the verge of a great, new outpouring of Holy Spirit....

It's with this humbled sense of Him alive... on this day where the Gospel recounts the call of the disciples to "come follow," that we say "yes" to pulling up stakes after 17 years of tremendous adventure with wonderful people in this Holy Ground of Erie, Pa. (Stephanie living here 42 years)-- to embrace the call to serve Him as Secretariat Leader of Evangelization and Parish Life in the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio.

There I will be entrusted to partner with a multitude of others in setting that little part of the world on fire... embracing a vision under Bishop Blair and with a multitude of others that "institution" be an occasion for a life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ... an invitation to follow Him and live an abundant life IN Him.

I'm writing seeking your prayers-- assuring you of our prayers-- mindful it's not about what we can do, but what God can do through us... that what He calls us to, He will provide for. We are delighted that a number of good people will be continuing Made2Worship / Presence for Christmas, Catholic Men's and Women's Gatherings, leadership of "our" Pre-Cana... the variety of outreaches we have begun here in Erie, and ask for your continued prayers and support (stay tuned).

Wherever you're at right now, whatever is going on in your life - know you are in the midst of an unveiling miracle- an extraordinary in the ordinary, that God is calling and equipping you to do GREAT things for Him...


With deep gratitude in Our Lord, Jesus Christ for YOU, and a pledge of our continued love and prayers,

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter