My Simple Birthday Request...

The Short: We want to pray for your intentions - every night as a family. Please post them at Facebook Prayer Place (Sponsored by

The Longer: Really-- don't we share the same doubts? Our world offers us so much control, but what real control do we have? We believe in God, but don't we often question whether He's really listening? Perhaps we don't even try to pray anymore. Been there, done that... no effect... why bother? So we go back to practical non-belief, or deism (God is up there... wound up the clock... lets it do its own thing... doesn't much care for us down here).

In my heart of hearts, I believe God WANTS to make His presence known, but we're just too impatient, preoccupied, "in control" to want to give Him the opportunity. I'm speaking of myself here.

Ok... so... with all that in mind, on Monday of this week (October 4, 2010), in my personal FB post I asked friends to post their prayer intentions-- said as a family we were going to offer them up every night through my birthday (yesterday, October 6). We did. Little kid prayers are powerful. Only last night I didn't want to turn the computer back on for recall. Wouldn't you know, my kids remembered EVERY intention over the few days? "Hey Dad... the Mom whose son is struggling with drugs?" "And little Henry... remember... the antibiotics aren't working?"

It was the best birthday present I could ask for. It both inspired creation of the "Facebook Prayer Place," and our family's commitment to (trying to) do this every night... it's been a blessing to our family... WE'RE being impacted... beyond words I can express here. As parents we're giving them the gift of faith-- to see beyond the controlling world. We're connecting to that Someone beyond our control, who fashioned us, loves us, desires more than simply communicating WITH us, but desires to commune IN us.

Beyond the benefit of God's presence to OTHERS, consider what praying as a family will do for YOU. I'm inviting you to take the small step... carve out a "sacred space" (and time) beyond the fast-paced, controlling world.... Beyond memorized prayer, keep it real: "Hey kids... there are people with real needs... God wants us to ask Him for things... will you join me in asking Him?" Sure, they may think you're a freak... but keep it real... that sincerity will open doors to places you want them to go as a parent, in this world and the next.

Bottom line, we just want to pray for your intentions. Please take one moment and post "that need" for yourself or others on this "Facebook Prayer Place" page... I want to invite you to open the door again. God is listening. We just have to keep praying with expectant faith. And when there are any updates, please post those also....

Post. Believe. Trust.

May God... who is very real... bless you this day.

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter