Keeping Facebook In It's Place

Like most things, there are both dangers and opportunities with this newer, "social media" technology. On the positive side, how else can you keep a community of hundreds tuned into and praying for a child's cancer (my niece, Clare)? On the other hand, how many of us have been sucked into this world, only to glance up at the clock and be bewildered that we've been in captivity for an hour or more? What has been neglected in that time? How else might that time have been spent? 

Clearly, a human soul rightly working steps back and recognizes the "yuck" space is an alert.  We need to develop good norms, and corresponding discipline, in the interests of remaining the master of this world, lest we become mastered by it.  With Rock Your Mission!, the cultural outreach component of Image Trinity, we want people to discover that each of us have a purpose and mission in life, wherein: "Time is the currency of mission-fulfillment. How are you spending it?"  The cyber world is a poor imitation of real, human contact, and can diminish, if not threaten, the meaningful contacts we're meant to have with our spouses, children and community (for more on this, check out Cyber Insanity Syndrome).
We all fall short. That's where we need a Savior... where He enters. Let's be in prayerful communion with one another in striving for it.

Please join us for our next Catholic Men's and Women's Gathering.

God bless you and your family this day.

Greg Schlueter