"A Father's Love" - A Priest's Magnum Opus (Msgr. Biebel)

[Monsignor will likely be embarrassed by this. I'm doing it anyways. He understands better than anyone that showcasing a painting honors the Painter. This is about the Painter.]

He has been at the pastoral helm of numerous faith endeavors we've sponsored over the years - touching literally thousands of lives. He is a man with intimate understanding of this flesh-and-blood world and deep spirituality, which is to say, of authentic humanity. I know of no one whose life has not been deeply touched upon meeting him.

All this can be summed up in a word: priest.  This year Monsignor Biebel celebrates fifty years of pouring himself out to God's people as a priest.

If it's true, as it's been said, that each of our lives will be marked by one defining theme - I'd venture to say "Love of the Father" is Monsignor's. It is his Magnum Opus.

When we asked him to lead our last Made2Worship of this season, I did not expect that he would so beautifully and powerfully "bring it" - delivering the theme that has so evidently emanated from his life, defined his mission as priest- transformed the lives of so many others.

As Monsignor frequently suggests in so many words, "Love of the Father" is more than merely a message our frail humanity needs to hear, it is the underlying truth we need to know and believe. It is the antidote for a wounded and broken world. When you can find twelve minutes, please give yourself this great gift that is born of fifty years of priesthood. Listen and know the great love of the Father for you, and our special privilege and call to be His love to the world.

And if it moves you as it has so many of us- share it. Invite others to do the same, as the greatest power of a blessing is it's capacity to turn the blessed into the next blesser. May God richly bless you.  
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