Classical Education: The Alternative to Common Core

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Dr. Kenneth Calvert speaks about the development of citizenship and virtue in classical education, and how the common core does not focus on these important attributes; instead, it focuses only on making people good employees. Classical education, on the other hand, is the educational curriculum of our country's Founders, and molds citizens into virtuous human beings who then become outstanding citizens of their communities.

Dr. Calvert urges people to work together to move their current schools towards the Classical Model and turn away from the devastating "all kids are average" common core model. He says Classical Education involves memorization of important facts, such as math drills, grammar rules, states/capitals, presidents, poems, etc in the elementary grades; and this knowledge lays an important foundation for all student's academic success. With this knowledge, students can proceed on to jr high and high school by delving into subjects more deeply and will ask intelligent questions. He compares this to coaches expectation of kids on the playing field: teachers should expect a lot from their students in the classroom by challenging them to their personal best.

"Students always rise to the challenge of what our teachers ask of them, and afterwards they are very proud of themselves."
Dr. Calvert 


1) Dr. Calvert's Handout 
2) Action Plan (Toledo Catholics Against the Common Core)

Dr. Kenneth Calvert, a graduate of Wheaton College and Harvard University, is Assistant Professor of History at Hillsdale College and Headmaster of The Hillsdale Academy, a K-12 private classical school, in Hillsdale, MI. Dr. Calvert has served as the Headmaster of The Hillsdale Academy for twelve years and has advised and supported dozens of classical schools. For twenty years, Hillsdale Academy students have ranked at the 97th percentile or above on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.