Giving Your Body Away

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity. As with every Mass, we're challenged to recognize how we are participants. We're invited to open the door to our supreme identity and mission. We exist to make God, who is Love, known.

We Image the Trinity. We're called to Live IT.
How do you do this... personally?

Your body is language. Your capacity for communication. Intimacy. To become one. The deepest desire of your heart.

  • "My whole" body that does not correspond to "my whole" life is, by definition, a lie. 
  • "My whole" body that can not be fully given or received is, by definition, incompatible. 
  • "My whole" body as gift that excludes the Giver is, by definition, not sacred. 
  • "My whole" body to many, or for whatever reason, or impermanent, is, by definition, splintered. Cheap. 
"My whole" body and soul bruised, beaten, broken... brought earnestly to Him who bore it, in Whom restored it, is, by definition, transformed.

The Rules are not arbitrary. They are not oppressive. They are the very shape of love, and communicated by those who truly love. We are not their author. We do not make them, they make us. We can not break them, only be broken by them.

In some way, each of us are broken. Without being sinners we have no need of a Savior. Without being broken, we have no basis of intimacy with the Restorer. Matt 11:28: All who are weary, all who are broken in any way (all of us), here's your invitation to Holy Communion... a life of great intimacy that is true.